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Barite mineral composition of barium sulfate (BaSO4).It received its name comes from the Greek “for” means “heavy.”The name is in response to the high proportion is 4.5, barite is this special non-metallic minerals.Barite high proportion to make it suitable for all kinds of industrial, medical and manufacturing.Barite is as the main barium ore.

The use of barite

Most of the barite production used for drilling mud weighting agent.Barite is also used as pigments in coating and weighted filler for paper and cloth and rubber.Barite is barium primary ore, used in the manufacture of all kinds of barium compounds.Barite compounds are also used in medical diagnostic tests.Oil and gas industry is the main users of global barite.It is used as drilling mud weighting agent.This is a growing industry, as the global demand for oil and gas have been long-term growth.

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