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Depending on the producing and researching experiences of decades, Guilin Hongcheng has become a major powder processing equipment manufacturer and export base.

Coal Introduction

Coal is a kind of carbonized fossil mineral. It is organized by carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements, majority used as fuel by human. At present, the coal has 63 times of explored reserve volume than petroleum. Coal was called the black gold and the food of industry, is the major energy since the 18th century. During the Industrial Revolution, along with the invention and application of steam engine, coal is widely used as industrial fuel and brought unprecedented huge productive forces for the society.

Usage of Coal

Coal can be classified into 10 classes. Lean coal, coking coal, fat coal, gas coal, weak bond coal, non bond coal, jet coal are generally called soft coal; meager coal is called semi-anthracite coal; coal with volatile component over 40% is called brown coal. Brown coal: Majority in bar shape, in dark brown color, dark gloss, loosen character; containing 40% volatile component, has low ignite point, generally applied in gasification and liquidation industry, power boilers, etc. Soft coal: Majority in granularity, little bulk or powder, in black color with glossy, meticulous character, containing over 30% volatile component, ignite poi is not high; most soft coal is tough and is easy slagging when burned. Soft coal is widely used in coking, coal blending, power boiler and gasification industry. Blind coal: Blind coal is in powder or little bulk shape, in black color with shining metallic luster. The coal has low impurity, high content of fixed carbon (over 80%); the coal has low volatile component of lower than 10% and high ignite point. When burned, coal soil should be added to reduce thermal power. Blind coal can be made into coal gas or used as fuel directly.

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